I’m at times: funny, silly, weird, quite, outgoing, introvert, serious, sweet, lazy, dramatic, active, creative, sarcastic, dumb, intelligent, romantic, arrogant, dull, talkative…but that’s just ME.

My name is Deepti and I am a software engineer by profession. But my interests lies far beyond the technical coding and system bug fixes. I am a avid reader. My other interests includes drawing and painting, listing to songs, cooking, photography, cycling, swimming and travelling.

I believe in living the life to fullest and keep trying to learn new things or doing new adventures. I like hanging out with friends and having fun.

When i am not doing any of these, I prefer to find a silent corner and immerse in the world of my books.

In office, when i am not busy with my work, I keep browsing to know about new books launched and try to find my next book to read. Or planning for the up-coming trips.

During one such time, i decided to open a website. This will help me keep in track of my read books, my random thoughts and my travel stories.

I wish to inspire people to pick up a book to read. To tell people that books are not boring and books are not for geek types. So, get started with your book and get into the imaginary world of your book and be a part of it and live it 🙂


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