This Delicious Life

This Delicious Life

Status: Read from Nov 20 to Nov 21, 2017
Format: Kindle
My rating:  5star/5
Author: Lekshmi Gopinathan


Spluttering, simmering and steaming. A story that makes you hungry and feeds your soul. From Jaffna Crab Curry to Mor Kuzhambu, Spinach Casseroles and Tiramisu, nestled in the tiny fishing village of Iraalpatinam, comes a delicious and heartwarming tale of food, life and love. Meet the valiant lady sarpanch, the food blogger in search of peace, the able District Collector, a nomadic football coach and the beautiful fisher folks of this quaint village all bound together by their love for food. A yummy story of friendship, love and spices.


For the people, whose life revolves around food and books, this is perfect read with a very lip smacking cozy feeling. The story of protagonists Radhamma and Matilda, who find a way to heal their soul through the love for food. An imaginary ideal fishing village name Iraalipatinam down south near Pondicherry, where people stay with mutual harmony and brotherhood, doing all tasks as a community under the supervision of Radhamma, the sarpanch of the village. Radhamma’s dreams of making the village a smart village in the region by facilitating all the basic amenities. For this reason, Radha meets Vishal, a District Collector, under whose wing, Iraalipatinam is one of the villages. Gerry is sent by Vishal to the village as a football coach, to hone the villages kids in the game and channel their talent. Matilda volunteers in the village.

I will suggest, not to read this book in empty stomach, as while reading you will not able to stop your foodie carvings. Every chapter is named with one delicious food item, with the list of ingredients of the recipe. It can leave you hungry. The story is not about food, but how the lives of people are connected by love for food. How strangers connect with each other for the common love for food.

The book does justice to the title. It a very simple, easy and warm read. This book can be read in one sitting. Reading Matilda’s adventure on bike, I feel like going myself for such an adventure. The description of Iraalipatinam without any flaws seems like a perfect vacation place. Pick this book up for a cheery easy read.

About the Author:

lekshmi gopinathan

Lekshmi Gopinathan is a social entrepreneur and run an art project called Project Kalayatra, where she document indigenous art forms and artisan communities in India. It’s a not for profit, its gives a platform where travelers get to meet the local artists and live with them.

Lekshmi is a trained journalist, having produced documentaries for NDTV and also done undercover sting operations for environmental conservation. She has worked closely with publications like The Better India to spread awareness about the local dying art forms.

She quit her full time job a year ago to become a full time nomad. She travelled to four countries and thirty three cities last year. Karma’s Ukulele is inspired by her own life and stories she heard from the nomads she met as she travelled. Karma is an amalgamation of many people and yet is one single identity.


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