Unboxing “The Bookling’s Crate’: Aug Subscription

Bookling’s Crate is a monthly book subscription box that delivers a top notch Young Adult Fantasy Book (new release) along with some quirky bookish goodies every month with a specific theme at your doorstep.

The theme for August is “Love is in the Air”. Here are the list of contents:

  1. A handcrafted bookmark from @uniqueorn.express
  2. A tiny macron storage box
  3. Game of Thrones keychain
  4. A bethboss bookish pin
  5. A chocolate friendship band
  6. Metal antique mermaid bookmark
  7. A leafy jewellery piece
  8. A handcrafted crocheted owl by @lil_elfy
  9. Book of the Month: with a letter from the author
  10. Love is in the Air card

Bookings are open for the October Subscription box. The theme for october is “Wizard & Warriors”. The book included for this box is a fantasy magical book and bookish goodies will be based on Wizards and Warriors theme.

You can book your box by visiting their site at https://booklingscrate.com/ . While booking, mention my name (Deepti) with my insta handle @beautywithbooks to get a surprise Bonus Product in your box.




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