Unboxing “The Last Leaf” Box: Aug Subscription

Before I talk about the unboxing, let me tell you a bit about The Last Leaf Box.  It is a monthly subscription box for the booklovers. But this box is uniquely working towards bringing into limelight the various diverse and regional books by various authors, who are incredible writers, but are lost in all the glamour and hype of the fantasy and contemporary books and writers. No other country has so much diversity in literature. They even customize the boxes with books in regional languages, if requested.

I was selected as rep for the August subscription box. So, here are the contents of this box:

  1. An art print card
  2. An artwork of clay on board
  3. A wooden handcrafted peacock statue
  4. Two book marks
  5. A file holder bag
  6. A picture story book with Madhubani artwork:  Following My Paint Brush
  7. A photography book: The Flag
  8. Book: Twilight in Delhi by Ahmed Ali
  9. Book: Written in Tears by Arupa Patangia Kalita translated from Assamese by Ranjita Biswas


Let me speak about few of things in this subscription box:

The art print card:


The painting on the card is called “The Sacred Seed” by Bhajju Shyam which is part of “The Creation Card Box” published by Tara Books. It’s a Gond tribal art style special art style of gondi people from central India. This is silkscreen printed on recycled paper.

Wooden Peacock statue:


This peacock statue is made from wood, carefully handcrafted using single piece of wood and is hand painted. It’s 3″ inches long and very artistic.

Artwork of clay:


The above art work is done using clay, then dried and painted. The base is wooden and the frame is also wooden. This art is appropriate to hang on wall as well as to keep on table. The tribal clay modeling structure is beautiful.

Book: Following my Paintbrush:


This picture book published by tara books is about Dulari Devi. Dulari Devi is a domestic helper, from a community of fisherfolk. The story depicts the journey of Dulari Devi, who discovered creativity  while working as a cleaning woman in a artist’s house and went on to become an artist herself in Mithila style of folk art (Madhubani Painting ). Here are few pictures from the book:


Book: The Flag:

This is a photography book published by tara books featuring 30 photographers from across India showing Indian tricolor in all it’s human moments of glory and poignancy. Our tricolor shares the moment of we Indian’s – they are both grand and humble, carnivalesque and riotous, joyfully enabling and indescribably sad. Press photographers from different parts bring an unselfconscious and entirely refreshing vision to the story. Here are few captures from the book:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Book: Twilight in Delhi:

Twilight in Delhi, published by Rupa publication and written by Ahmed Ali, is set in 19th century India between two revolutionary moments of change, depicts most movingly the loss of an entire culture and way of life.

Ahmed Ali (1910 in New Delhi – 14 January 1994 in Karachi) was a pakistani (later Pakistani) novelist, poet, critic, translator, diplomat and scholar.

Book: Written in Tears:

Written in Tears, written by Arupa Patangia Kalita and translated from Assamese by Ranjita Biswas, brings together some of her best novellas and stories set against a surreally beautiful landscape torn and scarred by conflict. This is a mighty chronicle of the disturbing and searing history of aggression and hate that has plagued Assam for decades.



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