Independence Day Donate-A-thon


Celebrate 71st Independency day by becoming a Inspired Philanthropist.  Come forward and share with your fellow countrymen the joy of reading.

The Last Leaf Box has taken up this amazing initiative.


The Last Leaf Box is building a free library to Spread the spirit of reading. They are trying to build a community of Book Philanthropists, who are serious about growing the number of book readers across the country. They have started a campaign where you can donate books which you think that others should read.


The books will be received from you and shipped to those who are willing to read that book. You just need to pay the nominal shipping charges.

The Last Leaf Box is trying to raise 100 books on the eve of Independence Day.

This is how this Donate-A-thon is going to work:

  1. Donate a book: Send it to The Last Leaf Box
  2. They will keep updated, who has donated which book on Instagram (keep checking their insta stores and feeds).
  3. Those willing to read any of the donated books can write to The Last Leaf Box. They will send it to you.
  4. You can read the book and return it back or forward it to somebody who is interested to read.

If you are willing to donate a book, inbox or DM them at The Last Leaf Box.


Happy Independence Day to all Indians!!


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