Note to Self


Status: Read from July 21 to Aug 03, 2017
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 308
My rating: 
Author: Connor Franta


From the award-winning and New York Times bestselling author of ‘A Work in Progress’ comes a collection of Connor Franta’s most intimate, raw, honest, and inspiring reflections on his own life as he’s living it right now, as well as his observations about contemporary culture. Told through narrative, poetry, photography and illustrations, this will be a must-have for fans.


I wanted to read this book to know what is all the hype about. Connor Franta is an internet sensation, a you-tuber with millions of follower. His you tube trailer of Note to Self looked very promising. You can check it out here. That’s the reason i brought this book.

This book contains short personal essays, original photography and poetry by the author. In the book, Connor talks about his battle with self, problems he had struggling with his sexuality, depression, social anxiety, self-love, love and loss in relationships and feeling accepted. This book will be very helpful for older teens and younger adults. There are so many emotions that we go through at this stage of life, Connor lays out his emotions and exposes his experiences and it feels we are reading out our own diary entry. The essays are so raw and insightful. You will feel you are not alone in your thoughts and helps to deal with these disturbing emotions in a non-damaging way.

But to be frank, i feel the contents of the book are more fitting for blog post then something you would expect to read in a book. The book is inspiring and there are many things i like about the book. Most of the statements in the book i have highlighted using a marker as they are very self boosting and help in building confidence at times when we are in doubt and feel low. Few of the poems are very nice and you can feel it. The photographs by the author are amazing. But these pictures you can find in his instagram feed as well. The writing didn’t feel compelling.  The writing could have been better, not just like any blog post feed.

About the author:

connorfrantaConnor Joel Franta is an Internet sensation and global trendsetter with millions of followers on YouTube and many other social media platforms.
He is the founder of Common Culture Coffee and works closely with The Thirst Project, a charity that provides clean drinking water in Africa, for which he raised more than $230,000 in thirty days.
He also curates music from up-and-coming bands for his Common Culture compilation albums.


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