Our Story Ends Here

our story ends here

Status: Read from Mar 17 to Mar 19, 2017
Format: Paperback
Pages: 288
My rating:  5star/5
Author: Sara Naveed


Terrorists are not born to love.

Sarmad, trained as a terrorist to be ruthless, to be fearless, and to take innocent lives, has caused pain that he can’t undo. For years, he has been living without a heart, without a soul, without her.

Mehar, an army general’s daughter, decides to go to Swat Valley, the place that holds all her childhood memories, with her college friends. As Mehar prepares for her adventure, Sarmad works on his upcoming deadly mission.

Unwittingly, their paths cross and they are forced to stay together in the same room for eleven days. Circumstances bring them together, but destiny has planned something else.

Does their story end here? Or has it just begun?


This book was a fast and easy read. I could not put the book down till i finished reading it. When i started reading it, i had a feeling that the plot is similar to movie Fanaa, with some modifications. But this is different. And reading this book was like watching a bollywood movie. The plot twists, the description of the moments and the background, the emotions everything was in movie style.

So basically this is a love story about two people, Mehar and Sarmad, with very different backgrounds. Mehar is an Army General’s daughter. Her marriage is going to be fixed with her cousin Herman whom she has know from her childhood. But before she goes into this commitment, she takes a chance to visit Swat Valley with her friends that hold her childhood memories. Sarmad, a terrorist, is on a deadly mission. He is not born to love and live like normal human. Their paths cross, there a small accident, which creates such a circumstance that they both end up staying for few days with a very courteous family, in a single room. There’s spark between them. Mehar is bound with the fact that soon she is going to be someone else’s bride. On the other hand Sarmad is aware that he can never live a normal life and love someone.

A beautiful love story depicting the feelings of Mehar and Samrad for each other and how it deepens further, describing the beauty of Swat Valley and also putting little light on Pakistani culture, their customs, traditional wedding, parent children relation, food and cloths. There were some very interesting revelation in the plot towards the end. I didn’t see the twist coming in the story. This only made the story more interesting and more filmy.

About the ending, as in all such stories it is sad. But i expected it to be the other way. I like stories with happy endings. I feel if there possibility to make a happy ending, it should be, though it becomes filmy and not real. But to know the ending you will have to read the book. This is filmy types romantic story. So if you like such plots do pick up this book.

She : I’ve not found love in you. I’ve found life in you.
He : And I have found my heaven in you.

About the Author:


Sara Naveed is the author of Undying Affinity. Being a writer has always been her dream. Having written in many fiction forums, Sara’s interest grew and her writing skills improved. She currently resides with her family in Lahore.

You can visit her blog here.


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