All mere objects, some breathing and some not

I come to office, login and think about the tasks for today. I don’t feel anything promising or interesting. Check my mails, reply to the ones requiring immediate attention. Then sit and stare at the screen feeling disturbed and unwanted. The solution to this is songs. Take out my headphones, press play to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Halka Halka song. Repeatedly listen to this song. Stare at the empty desks and chairs in the ODC. Look at those few people present in the ODC, staring at their desktops. No one has anything to speak. All sit with their lips sealed, speaking only when some issue pops up or when asking for lunch break.

I feel I cannot sit any longer in this cold environment. I go out i the sun to feel the warmth of sunny clear day. I see the green lawn stretched out, look for a place to sit and listen to songs. But start feeling a strange loneliness. Instead, start walking on the pavement and see people getting busier in their office life. Cabs come and go with associates working on shifts, few of the gangs chit-chatting and going for breaks, others basking in sun and having fun.The gardening people gathering the dried leaves from the pavements, some carrying the gathered leaves to a different place in baskets on their heads. The housekeeping staff sitting in shade with cup of tea in their hands. A dragonfly flying from branch to branch, a lone honey bee sitting on a dried leaf.

I go and sit in the shade of a palm tree. A dog is sleeping their. Seeing me gets up and looks at me for few seconds and when is sure that i mean no harm, lies down again.

I sit and stare at the two mighty office building, standing like twin towers, six floors high. I don’t understand why I am here in this sophisticated professional world which means only business, where every thing is man-made. ACs, electricity, desks, computers, chairs, phones, ODCs, conference rooms with nothing natural about them, nothing with life. Even people working here put a professional mask hiding their true nature and feelings. Noting lively. All mere objects, some breathing and some not.

I come back from my thoughts to my physical surroundings. Time to turn myself into a breathing object. I go back to my ODC and stare at the screen again.



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