100 Shades of White: Quotes

Preethi Nair, 100 Shades of White

All anyone needs is a little hope so that they are able to trust, and from trust, amazing things can happen.

Having everything taken away, brick by brick, puts you in a position where you don’t care what else leaves you, there is nothing more to lose.

It was fight for survival and this eliminates the luxury of emotions: if you stop and contemplate you lose the battle.

The beggar asking for food may well be a pauper, but it is only our judgement of him that makes him a pauper. When we hold our judgements and see beyond, magic happens. When we believe in someone even if they don’t believe in themselves, magic happens.

Trust, because trust prepares the ground for forgiveness. Only when you put your faith and trust back into life, are you able to forgive, and with forgiveness all insurmountable obstacles just dissolve.

Not the forgiveness that belongs to a coward – he who sees but refuses to believe and so pretends that nothing has happened – but the kind of forgiveness which belongs to a courageous heart, the heart that accepts and says no matter what anyone does, or whatever circumstances are thrust upon it, it will always, always be all right. It does not become embroiled and constrained in anger and bitterness, but moves forward and grows.

All our dreams come to nothing if you don’t  really believe they’re possible.

Life doesn’t always work out the way we imagine. Sometimes the worst things end up being the best and other times, what we think is the best thing that ever happened is not necessarily so, and people we don’t like end up being the kindest, most generous people.

Once in a while it is normal to fail at things. Failing is all part of being human.

If you are not happy in one place, it doesn’t matter how many millions of miles away you  are, happiness isn’t suddenly going to come and find you.

Whether we liked to admit it or not, all of us were running away from different things and hoping to find something better. Just as soon as we got a scent of whatever it was we were looking for, it eluded us and we would distract ourselves, pretending it didn’t really matter anyway.

When you do what you love, you experience the greatest sorrow and the greatest joy and this is how it has always been. Sorrow because this is the only way life can teach. It gives you the opportunity to confront your fears.

From letting go comes a peace and a love that is impossible to buy or have anyone else give to you. It is an absolute freedom from all that we seek to prove. And when you do this, all that you have within you will be enough.

Isn’t it a funny thing when the things that you most want come and they don’t seem as important anymore?

Sometimes we are not ready to face whatever it is we have to or maybe things are sent along to distract us from all that we resolve to do.

Sometimes the truth is staring you in the face but you don’t want to see it.

It’s not important how you die, it’s who you touch.

Grief brings you to a place where you realise that nothing really belongs to you, it is all borrowed and what you are faced with is the cold, blank reality that truth says, it is the only thing that accompanies you, standing all tests of time.

Life does not punish, it teaches you to let go, let go of all you fear or that fear becomes you.

Sometimes there is no point in trying to figure out why; it is better to accept and to move on.








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