Making an effort to write a blog

Its a long time that i have posted anything other than the book reviews. Yeah, i made this WordPress page mainly for book reviews but i had plans to put few of my passing thoughts as well. And its not that i never had anything to write. Actually i have tons of thoughts running at this very moment in my little brain. And i wish to write a post on each and every thought. But is it really possible to post every thought one thinks to put in here?

Well i guess, it is all about the efforts. How much effort one takes to spend some time and filter the thoughts and present it in the form of a blog post. But at times i have realized, its the laziness that prevents us from doing this. Laziness to jot down our points. Laziness to join these points to prepare a blog post. Laziness to open the laptop and post it.

I say so, because it always happens with me. Its not that I plan to write about some mighty mind blowing topic or anything like that. Its just the day to day activities, which grabs my attention or some minor incident and what i feel about it personally. When ever i am alone walking the streets, or travelling to or fro to office staring out of the window, or gone for morning stroll in the park, my mind is flooded with many thoughts. And the moment i get a chance, i jot all these points in a notepad making a mental note that i am going to write a blog on this.

But it happens so, that i either just write a book review on weekends or not write anything at all. And believe me, all pages of my notepad are completely filled with all the jotted down points which never made it to my blog.

Today i was just reading through the points in my notepad and felt its a shame that i made a note of so many things, which with a little effort would had turned into a 200-500 words blog post, but never really wrote about them. So, thought of writing this down. I am still wondering what name should i give to this blog post 🙂

Hopefully, from now on my notes from the notepad will start appearing in my blogs. Does this happens to any of you? How do you over come this? This gives me another idea to write a blog post on  how to over come blog writing slump 🙂


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