A Bucket full of Awesome

A Bucketful of Awesome

Whenever something bad happens, do not forget to smile.

Status: Read from Dec 13 to Dec 13, 2015
Format: Paperback
Pages: 98
My rating: 5star/5
Author:Zainab T. Khan


Summer Wallace is a wild, crazy girl who simply couldn’t care less about her appearance. She strongly believe in the saying, “You Only Live Once”, in teenage subculture also known as YOLO. She plays basketball like her life depends on it. Well, it sort of does, she loses one game and there’s a dent in her ego, not a small one either.

Meet Blake Walker, her best friend and her partner-in-crime. Although he is just like his childhood best friend in acting-like-a-kid department, he can be a bit saner than her. Though, at times, he can be crazier than her. But a day changes both of their lives which leads Summer to make a bucket list and complete it before her whole life takes a 180 degree. Whereas, Blake is determined to keep her as long as he can. And he is perfect for the job. After all, he knows her more than anyone else. And they have no room for regrets. As Summer Wallace says, “There shouldn’t be any space for regrets in our beautiful lives.”


I received this book from the author in exchange of my honest review and frankly speaking i absolutely loved this book.

Before coming to the review, let me tell you that this is a YA contemporary and the writer is a 16 year old Pakistani girl. The story revolves around the similar plot as in The Fault in Our Stars. The writing is very simple and the dialogues used are those we use in our daily day to day interactions with our friends and colleagues. So there is no formal touch in the dialogues.


make-out session with the concrete floor.

Awesome. Please note the sarcasm.

Call me babe one more time and you‘re dead.

God you are violent.

This is story of a teenage girl Summer Wallace. Summer, unlike other girls her age, does not fancy about good looks or girly stuffs. The only love in her life is to play basket ball with her best friend Blake Knight. One fine day she is diagnosed of lung cancer. Since the cancer is only at the second stage and has not spread in her body, there is a possibility that she goes under treatment and cure it. But she is terrified. She is not sure if she will survive this bloody cancer. So she makes a list of things she wants to do before she dies. This is the bucket full of awesome. This wish list includes all sorts of the craziest things possible. Like: Punch a thug, have a mud fight, jump of a bridge into water and so on.

Blake Knight, a young dude and Summer’s partner in crime, her knucklehead best friend, is as terrified as Summer. But he always tried to put a bold face. He convinces Summer to sign the papers for the treatment which includes chemotherapy and radiations. He makes sure that he is always there beside Summer in her struggle against cancer. He takes up Summer’s wishlist as a challenge and tries to fulfill almost all of them. He may not accept it, but his happiness was always in Summer’s happiness.

So this is a story of two youngsters, one suffering from cancer and the other, who is ready to go to any extend to bring back his friend safe and sound from the mouth of cancer. The story is short, hilarious and emotional. The story is well structured with the activities to complete Summer’s bucket list in parallel with her Chemo sessions. And not to forget, the book is full of so many inspirational quotes. Readers are absolutely going to love this:

You are no princess. You are a warrior. You don’t own a tiara or create peace and harmony. You wear spiky shoes and create ciaos. You, my darling friend, are a firecracker. A bomb which can explode anytime. You don’t go for dresses, but jean shorts, leather belts, and spiky boots. Princesses are just too main stream whereas you, darling, are the only one of your kind. One and only.

I loved the cat and mice fight between Summer and Blake, the interaction between Summer and her doctor Freeman. Its a very lite and a happy read. Guys don’t hate me if i say: I loved this book more than The Fault in Our Stars


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