I’ll Give you the Sun


The sun, stars, ocean, trees, Everything, I gave up all for You.

Status: Read from Oct 20 to Oct 21, 2015
Format: Paperback
Pages: 429
My rating: 5star/5
Author: Jandy Nelson


Jude and her twin Noah are close until a tragedy drives them apart. Now they are barely speaking – and both falling for boys they can’t have. Love’s complicated.


I’ll Give You The Sun is one of most imaginative and best contemporary novel i have read till date. I picked this book after seeing so much hype and recommendations. And this book is so FREAKING GOOD. I want to re-read this book many times.


This book tells the story of twins Noah and Jude. Noah with a mad desire to draw, to join CSA (California School of Arts): in short Picasso. Jude, the dare devil who used to surf and cliff-dive. She used to do all the talking for both twins. Without one the story of another is incomplete.

At the age of 13, Noah has a mad desire to get admission in CSA and take his drawing skills to next level. For first time ever he makes friends with a boy Brain. But he is falling for him.

Jude at the same time is doing cliff-dive wearing short dress and deep red lipsticks.

Three years later, something happens. Jude and Noah are hardly speaking. Noah had stopped sketching and even destroyed all his art work and the portfolio he prepared for admission to CSA. Jude had gone quite. She only follows her grandmother’s bible of superstitions.

The story is told by Noah at age 13 and by Jude at age 16. Without either narration, the story is incomplete. I love the way the story is intertwined. Because of the mistakes the twins make and the choices they make, their life is changed. It’s not only their life, but the life of people linked with them is also broken. This book highlights the love and pain in relations. It describes all type of complicated love. Love between guy and girl, guy and guy, mother and daughter, father and son, artist and his art and the love between the twin siblings.

I liked the way of author’s narrating the story with all the fragments falling in place from two different times. The metaphors used are real appreciable. You can really imagine things happening. And the way Noah makes a self-portrait in his brain; you can view it live in your imagination. This book also describes the most realistic LGBT relationship. It gives a understanding of gay relationship. And also gives a strong message:

It takes a lot of courage to be true to yourself, true to your heart.

Sometimes a good person makes a bad decision. But one should have the courage to make it right.

Take a (second or third or fourth) chance. Remake the world.

I like Ralph.


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