The Red Queen (Laments of Angels & Dark Chemistry #3)

red queen

Status: Read from Nov 4 to Nov 5, 2015
Format: Kindle
Pages: 593
My rating: 5star/5
Author: Meg Xuemei X


Some love dies.
Some never does.

After Forbidden Glory brings Lucienne back from death’s door, she wanders between sanity and insanity. And instead of killing each other, Ashburn and Prince Vladimir must put their differences aside to save her. But one of them has to make a sacrifice.

As the nation of Sphinxes is born, the Sealers rise again. When their multinational army arrives at Sphinxes’ door with an ancient weapon that instantly sets Sphinxes ablaze, Lucienne summons Forbidden Glory one last time to protect her people from extinction.


I have read the first two books in this series and absolutely loved them. I was so thrilled with the author asked me to read and review this book before its release. Thanks Meg for giving me this chance.

This book was amazing and does not disappoint a bit after the expectations set by the first two books.

Lucienne was poisoned in the Polynesia war. Blood tear has infected aether, one of the five elements of Forbidden Glory. Because of infected aether, now she wanders between sanity and insanity.  Kian and her loved ones are more worried and are in search of a cure. Ashburn and Valdimir, who are bitter rivals had compromised and had kept their differences aside. Kian is ready to go to any extend to get the cure. He even executes his own capture by the Sealers to get the third scroll, which is believed to contain the cure. The rescue operation, to get back Kian will keep the reader’s attention.

As the story proceeds, it becomes more and more interesting. Every episode of Lucienne’s fluctuation between sanity and insanity is heart throbbing, mainly the scenes with Vlad and Kian. Here in this book finally, Lucia’s mother Jekaterina makes an entry. She is still a biggest mystery in this book. She has thousand names and thousand faces. The scene when she shows the 3rd scroll to Lucienne is interesting. But still could not even understand how she was able to hide the scroll the way she showed to Lucia. As she explains Lucia, that she spent her last 17 years with the Sealers and had abandoned Lucia as an infant at the first place only for her good. But it’s still hard to know, if she is with the Sealers or with Sphinex.

The twist comes when Byrose Thorn joins Lucienne. There are few things in the book which are still not clear. Ash reads Byrose’s thoughts and comes to know her intensions. Still he never revel her secrets to anyone. And no were afterwards he tries to read her thoughts. Kian brings violet also with him to Sphinex. But there was not much role to play from violet’s end. She just keeps quarrelling and cribbing like a kid for Ash.

One will find only more respect for Kian in the book. He has become more like a fatherly figure to Lucienne. It’s still difficult to figure to out who is the best match for Lucia, Ash or Vlad. It pains to see the troubles these two young men to taking to save their only love. Vald even goes to an extend to turn himself into an antinode to Lucia’s poison. Jekaterina is a mystery. She knows about Byrose’s shadow. She also knows that Byrose is one of the elders in the Sealers and is the founder. But the way she plays her role it’s difficult to figure out whom she is supporting. Has she truly come to Sphinex to decode the third scroll to find the antinode for the poison or she is here to help out the Sealers. Ziyi is so sweet and a trustworthy friend. In the second book, Nexus Tear,  Dr.Schmidt was the worst villain. But here it’s difficult to decide who is worst. Kenneth Schwartz, the psychopath or Byrose Thorn, sweet and dangerous. It contains all the hints of jealousness, Byrose jealous of Lucia for Vald and Violet jealous of Lucia for Ash.

Lucia has to summon her Forbidden Glory to save the people she loves, for the love and safety of Sphinex. It’s really admiring how Ashburn helps her to hold her strength and how her mother helps to sue away the lure from Ash and Lucia.

This book will force the readers to imagine all the scenes as a 3D movie. The descriptions of the rescue operation and the war between Sphinex and the whole world is amazing. The latest advanced machines and powers used in the wars gives a cutting edge to the sci-fic imagination. The scenes of sane and insane Lucia with Vald and Ash give all the touch of romance in the story. One cannot even guess what is coming next. I hope the next book in this series will help to solve the mysteries in this book. Mystery about Jekaterina, about Byrose.

I believe this series “Laments of Angels & Dark Chemistry” is highly under ratted. This series is one of the bests and would recommend this series to everyone.


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