The Madmen’s City


Status: Read from Aug 28 to Sept 06, 2015
Format: Kindle
Pages: 322
My rating: 5star/5
Author:  Cady Vance


Teen vigilante Gwen Kane uses her fists and a strict moral code to flatten any lowlife who dares prey on the innocents of Towton City. Her rival, Silas Snow, opts for a pistol, a silencer and a shot in the dark. To Silas, death is the only suitable punishment for the iniquitous criminals who prowl the seedy streets. And to Gwen, Silas is just another murderer. Working together would only end in World War III.

When someone frames Gwen’s father for a mob death that Silas actually caused, their paths seem destined for a head-on collision. Silas doesn’t want an innocent man to take the fall, but if he fesses up to the crime, he’ll only land behind bars himself. But Gwen will stop at nothing to discover the truth. The clock ticks down to her father’s date with death row.

It’s time to stop playing nice.


Note: I got this book to read in exchange of my honest review.

Towton City is a corrupt city. The cops are corrupt and the mafia family gets away with whatever they want. But there are few people who are working together to keep the city safe and clean.

Gwen Kane, Silas Snow, Phantom. The three vigilantes, whose only purpose in life are to take down the criminals and make Towton City a better place to live for the innocents. Though their ways are different. Phantom hands over the criminals to the police. Silas does not approve this. He thinks death is the only suitable punishment for the criminals. Gwen does not approve Silas ways. Silas was yet another criminal according to Gwen.

Gwen Kane is still learning from her father. Silas Snow, works with Phantom. They have divided the city to do patrolling. Silas never give mercy to his victims.  But Phantom turns the bad guys to the cops only to be set free again.

One night Phantom is arrested in charge of a murder. Someone is trying to frame Phantom in a murder. Gwen does not know who. She wants to find out the real criminal. She has to take help from Ethos (Silas Snow).

Ethos, knows it is her mother behind framing Phantom in the murder. Gwen Kane befriends with Ethos.  Eventually, Gwen knows that Silas is Ethos. How much ever Gwen dislikes Ethos or his way of working, now only he can help her track and free her father.

The story is fast moving and the dynamics between Gwen and Silas is entertaining. The end is much unexpected and very easy chase in a rush. The descriptions of the streets in dark snowy nights are creepier compared to the stay of Silas as a prisoner and his escape without much of a sacrifice. The feel of danger was missing in those last scenes.

Overall it is a good read.


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