Nexus Tear (Laments of Angles & Dark Chemistry # 2)

nexus tear

Status: Read from Aug 22 to Aug 25, 2015
Format : Kindle Edition
Pages: 378
My rating: 5star/ 5
Author:  Meg Xuemei X


Everything has a price. The price for betraying love is worse than death.
The Sealers have activated an ancient weapon known as Nexus Tear. Lucienne must destroy it before it kills her. But Vladimir, her first love and strongest ally, has joined forces with her enemies over the one kiss she shared with Ashburn–the kiss that is denied to him by the Siren curse.

A nonstop action tale of battle, betrayal, sacrifice and love.


I got this book from the author, Meg Xuemei X, to read and review it. Thank you Meg for gifting me this book.

The action packed sci-fic adventure continues in this book as well. I loved the first book, The Siren, in this series. And the second book in this series is no exception.

The Brazil operation started by Kian has failed and the Sphinxes warriors got the news that Valdimir Blazek was behind it. Vlad had started hating Lucia, after seeing the passionate kiss between Ash and Lucia. And to avenge Lucia Vlad joined hands with the Sealers. I was so upset even to image Vald was working against Lucia. And Ash was there all the time with Lucia during her dark days.

Ashburn was more possessive about Lucia. The reason might be the Lure, the Time dust. But his possessiveness toward Lucia was irritating. After all Vlad was her first love. Lucia and Ash together are trying to decode the Time of eye. Meanwhile, their enemies have activated a destructive weapon, the Nexus Tear. They want Lucia to be dead. Lucia has to keep the promise she had given to her grandfather, Jed Lam, to keep the Lam family together under a same roof. Lucia is successful in proving that she is the only suitable candidate for the Siren and gains respect of her cousins.

The surprise pack is the entry of Vald in Dr. Schmidt Lab, to save Lucia. I loved this part. I can only admire and respect Vald for what he is going through and doing just to make his future with Lucia. Lucia loves Vald, but she is attracted towards the God like features of Ash due to the Lure. She does not want to hurt Ash or Vald, but she has to take a decision. Vald and Ash are ready to fight and kill to get Lucienne. Ash has an upper hand because he has got the power to read the memories of others. Again the romance and the love triangle are un-matched and an interesting read.

Ziyi has located the Sealers secret headquarters in the international waters and Lucia with Kian and her team are on her way to destroy them and get the weapon Nexus Tear. Nexus Tear is not a weapon. It’s the fifth element of the Siren. She has to get it make herself stronger. But she has to pay a price. Many of her warriors lay their lives to save their Siren. Her guard Marloes is killed while saving her. Lucia’s father, Jimmy Lam is also against her and has become an ally to the Sealers.

Lucia is able to get Nexus Tear, but the suffering is un-bearable. It’s been poisoned by her own father. Now her life is ar risk. Both Vald and Ash wants to save her, to get a cure, but how? She is sheading blood tears.

The action, thrill and suspense in the book hold the attention of the readers till the end. Lucia is always an adorable and brave character. Always a predator. Kian as usual is strong and emotion less towards everyone except for Lucia. The love triangle brings the tense moments in the book. It’s hard to decide who better match for Lucia is. One cannot hate Ash and the same time the love for Vald only increases. Vald’s dialogues have a fun taunt in a war area as well. The one character I hated most in the book was Dr.Schmidt. The un-solved mystery in this book is about Lucia’s Russian mother Jekaterina.

I am so much eager to read the third book and find out more. The author has put life into each of the character in the book.  If your taste in books includes sci-fiction, adventure, suspense, thrill and fantasy then for sure, author Meg Xuemei X is to watch for.


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