Sabaska’s Tale (Tales of the Travelers #1)

sabaska's tale

Status: Read from Aug 12 to Aug 22, 2015
Format : Kindle Edition
Pages: 224
My rating: 5star /5
Author:  J.A. Campbell


To Anna, horses were more than a fascination, they were everything. Luckily, she had the opportunity to spend every summer on her grandmother’s horse ranch in Colorado. Life was perfect, until she received the devastating news that her grandmother had been tragically killed. Anna knew she was the only member of her family who could take over the ranch and hopefully find new homes for her grandmother’s beloved Arabians.
Anna wasn’t alone for long. Her grandmother had hired a local teenage boy to help tend the horses for the summer. Anna didn’t stand a chance against Cody’s quiet charm and the two rapidly become friends. However, even with the responsibilities of the ranch, Anna quickly discovers the secrets her grandmother had been hiding and a legacy that sends her on an adventure she never thought possible. An adventure in the saddle of a horse that wasn’t a horse at all. Sabaska, her grandmother’s favourite Arabian, was a Traveller; a magical being that could travel between worlds. With Anna at the reins, they find themselves trapped in a fight against evil with the highest of stakes… Their very survival.


I got a copy of this book to read in exchange of my honest review.

Sherrie is a horse lover and owns a ranch with 19 horses. Anna, Sherrie’s granddaughter too shares Sherrie’s taste in horses and every summer she spends in Colorado with her grandmother and her horses. Un-fortunately Sherrie is killed in a mysterious car accident. Anna’s parents are against keeping the ranch and want to sell it. Anna feels bad for the horses and takes up the responsibility to find a new house for all the horse.

Cody is a teenaged boy, whom Sherrie had hired to help her with her horses and the ranch in summer. After Anna’s parents leave, Cody comes regularly to help her with the ranch and both Anna and Cody become friends. They find few potential buyers as well. Everything goes smooth until, a guy drops in in a sports car and demands to buy the whole farm for whatever cost is uttered. Anna gets suspicious about this one person and refuses on his demands. Anna’s bad days start.

Eventually, Anna finds that one of Sherrie’s horses, Sabaska is not a horse but a traveller. She travels across world. Anna is confused after finding her grandmother’s hidden secrets. Sabaska every time turns up to rescue Anna whenever she is in danger. In one such event she meets Raymond, Sherrie’s partner in travelling across the worlds.

In the mean time she meets the twins Cahir and Cathleen. They are potential buyers and shows interest in buying horses. Anna is attracted towards Cahir and vice versa.

Anna is attacked by Nigle, the sports car person and is kidnapped. She is rescued by Raymond. After which she takes shelter in Cody’s home with Cody taking care of all her horses.

With the turn of events Cahir is also pulled into Anna’s secret and now is an active participate in the fight between the evil and good. A fight between the Vanir and the travellers.

From here the story becomes more interesting. It contains love, emotions, betrayal and magic, each in adequate amount to keep a reader stick to the story. The main leads in the story are the two female characters, 16 year old Anna and her mare Sabaska. Together they cross many hurdles to destroy the magic crystals to save the traveller’s world from extinction.

I felt sad at the ending for Sabaska chooses to go with Cahir, as she becomes very curious about him for him being a tacker. Though she promises Anna that she will meet her soon.

One thing I felt very out of track in the story. Sabaska and Amir, both horses are travellers. When Sherrie is killed, Sabaska decides to make Anna her partner. As the traveller always need a human partner. But after Raymond is killed, the traveller  Amir, completely vanishes from the story. Anna and Sabaska, together takes up the challenge to save the travellers from the Vanir. There was no contribution from Amir’s end to destroy the crystals or save the travellers world.


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