Pocket-sized Yarns


Status : Read from Aug 06 to Aug 10, 2015
Format : Kindle Edition
My rating:  5star/5
Author: by Athena Crowley, D.M. Wolfenden, Joe Prentis, Jourdan Cameron, Kathleen Garlock,Marise Ghorayeb, Shanna Lauffey, Wilde Blue Sky, Christopher D. Votey, Michael Gardner, David Rose, Chris Heath, James Field

I got this book to read in exchange of my honest review.


Pocket-Sized Yarns, little in size, but large in wonder. Discover a tapestry woven from yarns 540 words or less in length.

Romance – time travel – nightmares – memory loss – canine companions – and drunken authors! Welcome to the world of flash fiction. Read one now – tuck another in your pocket for later.


Pocket sized yarns, is a compilation of various different short stories. It was not among one of my favourites. But I liked that each story was unique in itself and the way the writers put their story in so little words. There is not any specific flow of the stories, so this book cannot be classified into a specific genre. Few of the stories were too short. It was a fast read. The few of the stories which I liked the most are: Sluggish Bullet, Predator, Captive and Blind Agnes.


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