10 Reasons why I hate it, when it rains in Bangalore

Who does not like the faint splattering sound on window pane, the tugging of wind at the trees and the trails of tiny water droplets on the dark glass when it rains. But rain can sometimes be annoying. The dark clouds cover the blue sky and the heavy droplets come down pitter-patter across your face soaking you with damp cold rain. Here are the ten reasons why I sometimes hate the rains:

  1. It always starts to rain, when I am leaving my work place. No matter, how much I plan or how sooner or later I leave, it always starts to rain just few minutes after I have left from office.
  2. Suddenly it starts raining heavily. It always starts with a drizzle. But when I pray God, “please keep this only to drizzles and don’t make it rain heavily”, the very moment it starts pouring heavily.
  3. I am all wet. It makes sure that no part of me or my belongings is spared. From head to toe I am drenched and dripping.
  4. Umbrella never helps. The wind is so strong that it tosses the umbrella in every possible direction twisting my hand and body to control it and to hold it tightly.
  5. No seats in buses and roads are congested with all sorts of vehicles. If I get a seat also, I cannot sit for the fear of spoiling the seats in the bus with the water dripping from my wet clothes. Traffic is so much that not even a narrow passage is left for a bicycle to pass by. And all people driving the vehicle starts honking. The same route which is covered in 30mins in normal traffic condition, now takes 1hr 15mins to cover.
  6. All the contents inside my bag are completely wet with water. My lunch box, i-card, shades, stole, wallet, and book: nothing is left untouched. All the pages of my book are wet and sticking to each other in a way that if I try to open it carefully also, it will tear up.                                                                                                                                                 wetbook
  7. The roads are flooded with mud water and all dirt flowing from every corner of the streets. There is no place for pedestrians to walk without putting their ankles deep in dirt filled mud-brown water. The mini-van and cab drivers, when see some pedestrian walking in rain with umbrella, they don’t feel mercy on them. They drive with full speed, splashing all the dirt filled mud water on me from your head to toe. I am not left with any option other than to take a bath after reaching home the first thing.                                                                                                                                 mudroads
  8. The already washed clothes do not get dry because of rain. On top of that every evening I have to wash again the rain drenched clothes but no place to put them to dry.
  9. The moment the rain starts, the current goes at home. And I have to sit in the dark for at least 2 hrs (There is no inverter at the place I stay), listening to the humming of mosquitoes.
  10. Because of rain the temperature falls in the night and it is so cold. It becomes difficult to get up early the next morning. And I am late to office.

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