The Boss

Recently I had come across one message circulated in watsapp groups.

Wonderfully described definitions:

BOSS: Someone who is early when you are late and late when you are early.

Well, I am not sure how many of you really had this experience with your Boss, but I had many times.

Last week was a hectic week for me. I have recently moved to a new project in my organization. And this is a project from the scratch. The requirement gathering phase is over. In addition to preparing the TDS (Technical Design Specification) and the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure), I have the responsibility to give the KT (knowledge transfer) to the new members in the technical team. Other than that, I had to help the functional’s in trouble shooting as well.

Apart from the work front, we have a town hall scheduled this week. And I was requested to do one group dance performance. So out of the 9hrs in office, I had to dedicate at least 1hr every day for dance practice as well. After the 9hrs in office, I am also going for swimming in the evening.

So last week I was in office at morning 8:00 am and completely occupied with my work and other activities till 6:00 pm. And after that I was going for swimming and it was always 8:00 pm by the time I reached home.

By Thursday I was done with most of my office stuffs. I left office at around 6:30 pm for swimming. As the Bangalorean’s knows that Bangalore weather cannot be trusted, it started raining heavily on my way to the pool. Bangalore traffic is horrible in normal and in rain it becomes more horrible. I was on Scotty with one of my colleagues. It took almost 1hr for us to cover the distance of approx. 6 kms. By the time we reached the pool, we were completely drenched in rain. Water was dripping from our clothes and bags. Anyways we went to the pool. When we came out of the pool after 1hr, the rain had stopped but roads were still fully blocked with vehicles. When I reached home it was almost 9:45pm. I was shivering with cold, as I had already got wet in rain, and went to swimming pool. After coming out of pool I had to change back to my wet clothes as I didn’t had any other option. I was feeling feverish as well. So, the next day (Friday) I could not reach office at 8:00 am. I was late and reached office by 10:00 am (1hr late).

As I was ascending the stairs to 5th floor (I prefer stairs rather than taking lift), with my bag hanging on my right shoulder and a book in my left hand (I read book on my way to office in bus, Bangalore traffic gives ample time to read :)), I saw my boss climbing down the stairs from 5th floor. He looked at me from head to toe, acknowledged my greeting and proceeded. I was sure; he had visited our ODC (Off-shore development center) on 5th floor.

When I finally dropped my bag at my desk and switched on my desktop, my colleague sitting next to me was circulating a sheet of paper and was asking everyone to enter their employee id and sign the sheet. I was curious and asked what the purpose behind this? She said it for the oath we are taking today.

Me:  “Oath??? What sort of oath?”

She: “There is a notice put on the notice board. We are taking oath that we will strictly follow the mentioned points. In addition to that, we pledge that we will come to office daily on time and leave office on time. It has been observed by the boss that many of the associates always come late to office. Just few minutes back he was here to discuss the same points.”


I was dumb stuck and was crushing my luck. For the complete week I was going one hour early to office. All those days, my boss didn’t come early to give us this message and make us take this oath. And just one day I got late, and my boss came early to office and saw me entering the ODC late.

So, the conclusion is: the definition forwarded in watsapp groups is after all right.

BOSS: Someone who is early when you are late and late when you are early.


2 thoughts on “The Boss

  1. vijay says:

    well said.. the learning is go early to office and look for the manager first before you start your work ,.. and look for the manager to leave and then step out and greet him/her good bye so that they feels you are working hard..

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  2. bookshelfofabibliophile says:

    Very true. It seems we are not in a corporate world but we are some school going kids who has to give their attendance to the manager. The skills of an associate is never judged by the volume and quality of work he/she delivers, but the time they come to office and leave the office.


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