Yajnaseni: Quotes

Pratibha ray, Pradip Bhattacharya (Translator), Yajnaseni

The skies have no beginning and no end. The ocean neither wastes away nor increases. The sun neither rises nor sets. Your heart’s desire is neither fulfilled nor left empty. Our relationship too has no name and no end.

Lust, anger and greed are the doors to hell. Oh lord! Is hell the end?

It is not birth but deeds and application that determine the worth of man.

Any women, irrespective of age, caste, religion, country, is worthy of a man’s respect. For, a woman is formed of Shakti and without worshipping Shakti none can become a hero.

Wicked human beings are more terrible than the ferocious beasts of the jungle. Beasts kill others in order to live. But man slays his fellow-men merely to feed his ego.

Can anyone please everyone? Even God cannot satisfy everyone. If you try to satisfy everyone no one gets satisfied. Your own mind gets weighed down. Merely on thinking of this, you lost confidence in your self.

True heroism lies in remaining steadfast in one’s values in adverse circumstances. In this world of good and evil it is not possible to appreciate the goodness of virtue without sin. Without sin how can the fame of virtue be established? If there is no adharma then how can dharma be established? Without darkness how shall we comprehend light? It was, after all, because of the wicked that God incarnated on this earth again and again.

Tears represented weakness. But sometimes even tears become companions of human beings when they are helpless. They reduce the burden of sorrow pressing on the heart. They wash away anguish and depression and help gather new strength.

If the sky weeps, it does not make any difference in the level of water in the sea. The sea is undisturbed, generous. Is there any lack of space in its heart?

Your imagination is wilder than even the river current. But reality is very far from fantasy. Sometimes reality and fantasy meet face to face.

How helpless is man in the grasp of circumstance and yet man does bring about changes in a situation.

As the sunlight reflected on the moon cools the earth, so events that bring sorrow, beings reflected on the generous coolness of the mind, get transformed into happiness. That in which man finds sorrow – if he but understands it more deeply, it gives him infinite happiness too.

The pages of a book have to be turned, but the leaves of fate turn by themselves.

Without knowing how to swim, should one say, “I must jump into the river; and call of fate cannot be rejected”? Then what would one call it other than suicide?

People forget a hundred favours done to them. But a single harm and insult they remember all their lives.

More than danger, it is the apprehension of danger that frightens man. Once the danger is in front of you, I do not know from where the strength comes to face it, I do not know from where so much courage fills one.

When the earth was made, there was no difference between man and man. Man is the child of nature. Everyone has the same right to live on this earth. Sun, moon, rain, wind, the seasons, touch each man equally. It is man who has himself produced differences with other men. For the security of society, the development of civilization, responsibilities are divided among different members according to the abilities of a family. For the sake of society different castes have evolved. In a family no one is untouchable even though the woman cleans the used leaves of everyone, wipes the floor. washes the soiled linen. Then for doing the same work in society how can others become untouchable?

Do flowers bloom in the garden or in the mind’s courtyard? Does fragrance reside in the petals of the flower or in the mind’s petals? Is the musical note in the cuckoo’s call or in the strings of the mind? Is spring actually there or is it imagined by the mind?

Death is more generous than life. Death is more composed. Those who were enemies yesterday, today their death drenches the heart with tender compassion. Those who were wicked, lustful, sinful till yesterday were made composed, steady and unperturbed by death today.

Life cannot overcome pride, but death overcomes even the ego.

What is emptiness is really fullness; creation is really destruction; the beginning is really the end.


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