Frightening disorder: Bibliophilia

Are you suffering from bibliophilia? Please answer the following questionnaire with “yes” or “no”:

  1. Do you spend money on books every month?
  2. Do you always have space problem in your wardrobe because you have too many books?
  3. Do you always have a “to read” list?
  4. Do you always feel like: so many books to read, so less time?
  5. Do you always carry a book, where ever you go?
  6. The first thing you do is smell the pages of the book, when you get your own copy of the book?
  7. Do you always have a book in your hand, when waiting for someone?
  8. When you get a book as your gift, you feel the happiest?
  9. Are you not able to stop talking when any topic on books is discussed?
  10. Do you always end up buying a book from a bookstore, before crossing it over?
  11. You get annoyed when your non-reader friend folds a page in the book to mark the page number, instead of using the book marks?
  12. Do you possess a huge collection of bookmarks with funny messages written?
  13. Do you always feel people are stupid when they see your collection of books and ask: have you read all these books?
  14. Do you always hope your appointments get delayed or you get stuck in traffic, so that you get some more time to read?
  15. Do you often think: why can’t I just read, all the time, every day?

If your answer is “yes” to three or more questions, then you are suffering from chronic bibliophilia.

The long term risks include:

  1. Improved vocabulary
  2. Unlimited access to knowledge resources
  3. Lower stress levels
  4. Increased creativity
  5. Impressive social skills

There is no cure found till date for bibliophilia. The best treatment suggested is taking a book club membership or a library membership and keep reading.

Begin a bibliophile is not bad. I am one of them. My answer is “yes” to most of the above questions. Last Sunday, I went to book store to just buy one sticky note. And see what I ended up buying:


So, now four new books added to my “to-read” list 🙂


I am a happy book addict and don’t need any other drug for stress relief.


Happy reading 🙂


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