Princess (The Princess Trilogy #1)


Status : Read from October 05, 2014 to February 28, 2015
Format : Paperback
My rating:  5star/5
Author: Jean Sasson

Princess, beautifully written heart wrenching true story of the life of Arabian royal ladies behind the veil.
Princess Sultana, a royal Saudi princess, who has access to priceless jewels, exotic holidays in west, numerous servants and unlimited fund, but not her freedom. Saudi women in their whole life are at mercy of the male members of the family, father, brother and then husband. The land were birth of a girl child is not celebrated. Neither girl child’s birth is registered nor her death is recorded. A land where hypocrisy rules.

The outrages against the Saudi women like forced marriage, sex slavery, honour killing will move one to tears.

The book takes us through princess Sultana’s turbulent childhood, the shocking episodes in the lives of her other sisters, her close friends and her servants, her life after her marriage to Kareem.


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