The Girl on the Train


Status : Read from March 16 to 18, 2015
Format : Paperback
My rating: 4 of 5
Author: Paula Hawkins

Trilling, compulsive and gripping. The story revolves around three women. Rachel, Anna and Megan.

Rachel, an alcoholic depressed soul, after her break up with her husband Tom. Anna, the young woman whom Tom choose over Rachel. Megan, who always cheated and ran away from her life rather then facing them. Whom will you trust or like. None of them are perfect. All in a complete mess.

Rachel lost her husband and job too. But still catches the 8.04 slow train from Ashbury to Euston pretending to go to office. The trains stops at the same signal, overlooking a row of back gardens. There she always see a couple sitting at the patio or the makeshift terrace. She makes her imaginary story of those couple: Jess and Jason, as they are perfect. They are beautiful, happy and peaceful together. They are the perfect couple. All that she is not.

But on one of the Fridays, her perfect couple image of Jess and Jason breaks. She could not take it. She is so disturbed. And the very next night Jess is missing. Now she cannot be just a girl on the train. She wants to help Jason. When she takes the decision, she comes to face the bitter reality.

Anna, who is suspicious about her husband. She has the feeling that her husband Tom still has clandestine relation with his ex, Rachel. She starts checking Tom’s mails in his absence to find a proof. She wants to be happy with her family with Tom and her daughter Evie. With Rachel gone for ever from their lives.

Megan, the beautiful, pretty women of Rachel’s imaginary story: Jess. She has secrets to keep. She is restless. With her art gallery gone, there is nothing much for her to keep her busy. She wants a purpose in life. She is looking for distractions. She always runs away from her situations. She decides for once to make her life right. To do every thing that is right. And what fate does she meets for being straight and true and right?


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