Twilight (Twilight #1)


Status : Read February, 2015
Format : Paperback
My rating: 3 of 5
Author: Stephenie Meyer

Though I liked the book, there are few things which either does not make sense or are very repetitive in the entire book.

The author describes Bella as a plain simple girl with not extra-ordinary features who is very clumsy in all are activities. But then, there is Mike who put down Jessica to invite Bella for the dance.

The most handsome guy with God like features fells in love with Bella, only because she smells yummy and he cannot read her mind as he can read others mind.

Edward and his gang of vampires who are 100+ years old, goes to attend high school for what? Why is it required for them to learn biology, English or any other subject in school.

Edward and Bella had not spoken much in the beginning, but Edward watches over her when she sleeps.

Almost in every page one can find Bella describing Edward’s extra-ordinary looks, his physique, his strength and the colour of his eyes, his voice and smell of his chest.

Bella is so clumsy and fragile and in the complete story she is completely dependable on Edward.

The author has had in her story, vampires as the most invincible beings who does not have heart beats, are the fastest and the strongest gifted with supernatural powers.

Vampires skin glows in sunlight, so Edward take Bella to see how his skin sparkles when exposed to sun. This is so unrealistic.

The baseball game of the vampires just brings to mind the quindic games described in Harry Potter books.


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