New Moon (Twilight #2)


Status : Read in February, 2015
Format : Paperback
My rating: 2 of 5
Author: Stephenie Meyer

This book turns out to be more meaningless compared to twilight. Twilight pictures a pure fantasy story of a normal girl with a most handsome guy in the whole town as her boyfriend. So strong and so caring with supernatural powers who take cares of her every single needs. But in the second book, the Cullen family disappears and makes their entry almost after 70 per cent of the book is over.

This story is built on Romeo and Juliet theme. Edward talking about his contingency plan of killing himself once Bella dies, after seeing Romeo and Juliet with Bella.
The book starts with Bella’s 18th birthday celebration at the Cullen’s. The events take such a turn that Jasper is not able to control himself and attacks Bella. Edward protects her.
Edward is not happy with the turn of events at his house because of his brother and decides that he has to move out of Bella’s life for her own safety. And the Cullen family vanishes from the story. Rest two third of the book is complete drag of the book with no story in it.

Author tries to make it interesting by pulling in Jacob to cheer up Bella from her misery of being separated from Edward. But the story takes a turn when its revealed that Jacob has turned into werewolf, the bitter enemies of the vampires. Jacob is trying to save Bella from the vampire Victoria. Victoria wants to avenge James death, mate for a mate. But there is no plot in the book where Victoria makes here appearance. Meanwhile, Bella founds that she gets hallucinations of Edward when she tries to do something more daring or suicidal. To hear Edward’s velvety voice in her head, she decides to jump from the cliff.

This is were Alice makes entry again in the story as she thinks Bella is trying to commit suicide jumping from the cliff into the black waters in a stormy weather. From here starts the communication gap and Edwards gets wrong information about Bella’s death. He decides to end his own life by going to the Italy to the Volturi. Here Bella makes a race to Italy with Alice to save Edward. The whole scene in Italy does not make a good plot and everything is in a rush.

They return to Forks and Bella is concerned about the message given by the Volturi. She is worried about the Cullen’s and wants to turn into vampire to save them. To this Edward does not give his agreement. So she composes a vote to know the Cullen family thoughts about it. Except for Edward and Rosalie every one favours her on her thought to converting into a vampire but they put this off until she completes here graduation.

In the last pages Edward proposes Bella for marriage in a strange way and the book ends.

The book completely skips the fight scenes. In the first book, there is no account of how James is killed. Only Edwards tells Bella in hospital that Alice and Jasper took care of James while he was with Bella. In this book as well there is no description of how Laureat is killed by the Jacob and his pack as werewolves. Here its mentioned that Victoria wants to avenge James death and wants to kill Bella. Mate for a mate. But if it was Alice and Jasper who killed James then why she wants to kill Bella. She should either try to kill Alice or Jasper. And if Victoria was really trying to kill Bella, why is she taking show long to show up. Victoria didn’t show up in this entire book.


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