Eclipse (Twilight #3)


Status : Read February, 2015
Format : Paperback
My rating: 2 of 5
Author: Stephenie Meyer

The second book in the twilight series, New moon had Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet as the theme and the third book, Eclipse is on theme Wuthering Heights.

The plot is simple here. In the first book, the vampire James had nearly killed Bella. Edward saves Bella and kills James. Now James mate, Victoria wants to take revenge and kill Bella. Victoria starts building an army of new born young vampires for this. She gives Bella’s sent to these new born vampires to track her smell and to kill her. To save Bella, the Cullen’s and the werewolves who are bitter enemies joins hand and show up a good team work.

Here there are again few things which makes the story and the characters dull:

1) The plot does not take shape till the 18th chapter of the book. Till then its complete drag of the story with the daily routines with a little hint of Victoria trying to track Bella in Forks and the fight between Cullen’s and the pack of werewolves.

2) Rosalie going to Bella and telling her story about how she turned into a Vampire was not required. After listening her story, she does not even gives a second thought to it.

3) Edward is trying to save Bella. Then why is she in a tent very close to battlefield. Instead he should have thought of a place much far from where that battle between the Cullen’s and the new born vampires is to take place.

2) Jacobs behaviour sucks when he blackmails Bella for kissing him when she tries to stop him for going for the fight.

3) After kissing Jacob, Bella becomes aware that she loves Jacob. But she is confused whom she loves. Edward or Jacob. And she starts thinking if it worth giving up her human live and the happiness of her parents to join Edward.

4) Jacob is not happy about the battle as he was not able to show his heroism. And the credit went to Edward and Seth for killing Victoria and the new born vampire Riley.

The conversation between Edward and Jacob in the tent while Bella is asleep is interesting to read. And the parts where Edward and Jacob try to annoy each other adds humour in the book.


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