Breaking Dawn (Twilight #4)


Status : Read in February, 2015
Format : Paperback
My rating: 2 of 5
Author: Stephenie Meyer

It was clear that in this book, Bella and Edward will get married and Bella will turn into a Vampire. The unexpected turn in the story was Bella’s pregnancy.

Bella’s dad, Charlie agrees and gives his permission for the marriage soon after Bella has completed her high school. He did not protest as she was only 18.
They had a fairy tale wedding followed by a dream world honeymoon.

The twist comes when Bella discovers that she is pregnant. From here the story become very uncertain. Bella is adamant to keep the baby though it was killing her, cracking her rib bones and spine as it was growing inside her.

Its very creepy, when Cullen’s suggests feeding Bella with human blood to keep her and the foetus healthy and strong. And Bella does not hesitate even for once and agrees to drink the blood in a traditional way. And surprisingly, she likes it.

The birth of the baby was very intense. She was almost dead after the birth, but Edward saves her by injecting his venom straight into Bella’s heart. So, Bella’s transition into a vampire starts.

The transition is so fast. Bella’s becomes a mother and a vampire. So many things in such a short time. Jacob imprints Bella’s daughter. Bella is furious about this. Everything now is happy around except for letting Charlie know about it. It was a challenge for Bella to let her father know that he has become a grandpa in such a short time. And its difficult for her to hide the changes happened to her after she has turned into a vampire. But Jacob makes it easier.

The real challenge is the Volturi. Volturi believe that the Cullens have broken the vampire law by creating a child vampire. Volturi is jealous of Cullen’s as well, as they have talented vampires like Edward and Alice in their coven. So, they gets an excuse to fight the Cullens. But Cullens wants to let the Volturi know that they have not broken any vampire law as Nessie is a biological child of Bella and Edward and not the one created by them and she is growing in a rapid speed. Cullens call their friends across the globe to stand as witness of this in front of the Volturi.

The story has a happily ever after ending when the Volturi lost their confidence and get the proof that Nessie is biological child and does not hold any threat to the vampire world. Bella turns out to be very powerful and strong vampire shielding her loved ones from the attacks from the Volturi.

Now here comes the questions:
If Bella and Edward’s daughter Nessie is half human and half vampire, then what will be Nessie and Jacob’s kid? Nessie is half human and half vampire. Jacob is werewolf.

The chromosome count in humans is 23, in werewolf its 24 and in vampire its 25. What is the chromosome count in Nessie.

When Alice gets a vision that Volturi are coming, to save the family she runs away with Jasper giving a wrong impression to Edward and others that she is running away to escape from Volturi.
Why Edward did not read her thoughts to find out the truth.

In the whole series vampires are described as pale white skinned creatures. What about the people with darker skin. How do they look when they turn into vampire.

When a vampire bites a human without killing, the human turns into a vampire. What happens when a vampire bites a animal without killing it? What does the animal turn into? An blood sucking animal vampire???


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