Gone Girl


Status : Read from February 26 to 27, 2015
Format : Paperback
My rating: 5 of 5
Author: Gillian Flynn

One of the best thrillers I have read.
I like the way the book starts. Husband describes his wife’s head and imagines himself opening her skull and uncoiling her brain to catch and pin down her thoughts.
The story plot is intricately brilliant. Till the first half of the book the wife is portrait as trying to please her irresponsible husband, compromising every time to make their marriage a success.
But as you proceed further, you find wife is a psychopath.

Amy Elliot: the only child of the psychiatrist parents, a New York girl, a writer who writes personality quizzes.
The Elliot’s releases children book series, Amazing Amy with all events surrounding Amy. So, for them Amy is more of a fictional character then their child. And Amazing Amy is always right.

Nick Dunne: an average man but a good looking hunk from Missouri, a writer who writes about TV, movies and books. He has a twin sister named Margo.

Amy Elliot goes missing on their fifth marriage anniversary. But before she goes missing, the loving wife has set up a treasure hunt for her husband to solve it to get his anniversary gift.
So romantic, yeah ? But no. Its a trap.
Amy Elliot has framed a murder trap for her husband. Her own murder.
Every clue takes Nick to the trap where Amy has fitted the evidences pointing her husband as the murderer. As the clues are revealed, whole America hates Nick as a murderer of his pregnant wife. Nick realises this when he solves the last clue which takes him to his anniversary gift from Amy. But he has no evidence to prove that his wife is framing her own murder. He cannot prove that she is not Amazing Amy but Avenging Amy.

But why is Amy doing this? Because she found out that Nick is cheating on her. No that’s not the exact reason. The reason is Nick preferred some other woman over her. Amy can not take it. She is Amazing Amy. She is perfect and she is always right.

This is not the first time Amy has framed something like this. Before as well she framed Hilary Handy for being obsessed with Amy. She framed Tommy O’Hara for a rape case. But this time she played big. She frames Nick in her own murder. But when she decides to come back to Nick, she again frames Desi in rape case and kills him. She comes out clean with no evidences against her.

Nick cannot go against her. Cannot divorce her. He has no option to leave her but to make their marriage success, now in Amy’s way. Keep pretending as Amy again planned and now the plot was their baby.

Amy appreciates herself. Because, her plots are output of good planning and lots of patience.


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