Crazy Things Girls Do For Love

the crazy things girls do for love

Status : Read from April 18 to 20, 2015
Format : Paperback
Pages: 349
My rating: 5star
Author: Dyan Sheldon

The crazy things girls do for love.

What do you thing the book is about after reading the title?

I picked the book with an impression that this will be funny and hilarious to know all those crazy stuffs about the girls. Not to forget the book cover. This story takes place in Clifton Springs high school. And the book cover aptly matches the plot.

Cody Lightfoot, a very handsome boy enters the school as a new student after the school re-opens after Christmas vacation. Now there is competition among the girls in school to have a dream date with this guy. Sicilee Kewe and Maya Baraberra, the arch rivals are the bitter competitors. They are trying to get all attention of Cody. They don’t leave any chance to be with him alone, to get a chance to talk to him, hovering around him, to find his school schedule and find all details about this one handsome guy in the school. Maya even goes to an extend to play detectives by following him after school to know his house. But Waneeda Huddlesfield, who never cares to impress anyone or to be noticed by anyone, is satisfied just in her dreams to be with Cody. She can just imagine being with Cody, having a sweet conversation and Cody smiling at her in his casual carefree way.

Then there are Clemens and Jo Marie, having hard time keeping up their environment club. Their principal Dr. Firestone has also threatened them that if they are not able to get more volunteers for their club, he will close this club as he does not see any remarkable progress by the work they are doing for environment. And the students in Clifton Springs have an impression that this is a geeky club with no exciting things happening in and reluctant to join.

But Cody Lightfoot volunteers to join the club. Sicilee and Mary heard him talking to Jo Marie and Waneeda about it. And the decision is taken. Even these two girls are joining the Environment club. Waneeda, who never got convinced by Jo Marie’s elaborate explanation about why environment is so important and why we should care for it, also decides to join the Environment club. Clemens is not happy. He knows, though the count of volunteers has increased for his club and it’s saved from getting closed, the volunteers are not serious about the environment.

Sicilee, who does not know the difference between vegetarian and vegan and thinks vegan is short form of vegetarian, starts to opt for walking to school. She even starts to buy her clothes from Thrift store instead of buying them from malls. She starts to check the labels of the cosmetics in malls and imagines about the ingredients they use in them, to be careful that they are vegan.

Mary, Sicilee’s rival, starts using her bike to school. Even she starts to check the labels before she buys any items from stores. She gives up cheese, milk or any items which uses animal product in them. She even dresses in plastics as a plastics girl and stands in malls, to make people aware how the usage of plastics is ruining our environment’s ecological balance and contributing to global warming.

Waneeda, who is always content in herself and invisible to others, is not far in this race. She gives up eating meat. She starts planting seedlings to make her own nursery to grow vegetables.

All of them are very excited and enthusiastic to celebrate the Earth day. Every one is putting their 100% to get sponsor and collecting funds for the big day. The only aim of Sicilee and Maya is to get Cody’s attention and impress him by their vegan lifestyle.

But at the end who gets Cody? With the plot any one will guess that Cody will chose Waneeda, as she is not trying to impress anyone and never tries to display her vegan lifestyle to Cody like Sicilee and Maya are doing. But the author chose for a different plot.

Sicilee, Mary and Waneeda are not aware that they are changing gradually. They have started caring about the environment and are in a race to reduce their carbon footprints. Their friends become against them and make a bully of them. They have become alien in their own friends group.

But now they are determined and feel good to choose a vegan lifestyle. They stand together to stop the cutting of the few oak trees in there school playground. These 500 years old trees tell the history. They get successful in this. But in this one hard time where they are struggling to save the trees from cutting, Cody is not with them. Cody is more concerned about the Earth day’s success that he thinks saving few old oak trees will ruin all their hard work. This is when the spell is broken. These three girls wonder what is that they see in Cody that made them mesmerized. Now they truly care for environment and they don’t do so to impress someone.

I would recommend this book to everyone. Every comparison made in the book is extremely hilarious. It’s a very cheerful book. This book should be a must read in all schools and organizations to motivate people to reduce carbon footprint. Do carpooling or prefer a walk or cycle or public transport over polluting vehicles. To make the environment a better place to live.

The author has given a list of the references she used for this book. This is a good list with books, websites and documentaries included. Its suggested to have a look at the websites mentioned in the book.


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